Give us the measures or the design plan

The first step is the delivery of the design plan or the measures of the space that you want to redecorate, after a brief reflection on what the client expects, our team collects all the necessary information to design the new space. Define together which pieces of furniture and decoration you need, so that we can create your 3D project.

Schedule a meeting

The next step requires a face-to-face meeting, previously scheduled with the client, where we show you the alternatives and our suggestions. This meeting is a great opportunity to make necessary changes for the project, defining which pieces of furniture are more essential and what type of decoration should be in the house.

3D Project

Movelvivo uses 3D projects to present a decor solution of the final result that you desired for your home. Through photo-realistic images, we include furniture and decoration pieces from our catalogs, you can find them on our website. So you can move forward with the remodeling or renovation decor, and be 100% confident on changing the ambiances of your home.


Movelvivo has a specialized team for all types of assistance to be used in your home. Since placing curtains, to the application of the wallpaper, from the electrical installations to the set up the furniture, and passing through the decorative objects. In the end, you just have to wait for the keys, and enjoy your new home.

Happy Customers

Our daily work is to achieve the satisfaction of our clients. And for that, we have to be 100% professionals with our projects. The final result has to be the same as the design plan. Besides that, we accomplish the deadlines, we do the delivery on time and guarantee the best quality of our products.