The 3D design allows for a better visualization of the final result, which makes a big difference in renovations or house decorations. You idealize the space and we design the best solution for you. Set up a meeting with our decorators' team and let us know which furniture pieces and decoration stuff you need. The lead time always depends on the size of the space, but you can get your 3D project in a minimum of 12 days. We present layouts of plants with the insertion of the furniture chosen by you.


Movelvivo gives you the opportunity to customize and adapt any piece of furniture related to your home, based on your style and needs. Change your house furniture, make it stylish and simple, choosing from different styles and patterns, fabrics and finishes, which provide a nice contrast and finishing touch on your furniture. We select all kinds of fabrics, curtains, rugs and upholstery, tailored to your needs.


Let someone take over on your home design. Hire an interior designer and you will save time and money, letting you enjoy your home. An interior designer can help you tell a visual story of your wishes. Schedule a meeting with our design team, will give you the opportunity to have your dream home and the best decorating suggestions. Considering all this information, hire an interior designer to remodel or decorate the house.


Movelvivo Interiores has a contract department with the best interior designers, dedicated to creating commercial solutions for Hotels, Restaurants, SPAs and other types of commercial spaces. Our contract solutions are completely customized and related with your business. Our design team will follow up the project, providing technical and logistic support. We offer a contract service, advising and providing custom-made furniture and decoration. We focus on the client´s message so can be transformed into an attractive space for your customers.